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How Your TLC Leasing can Work for Via Rideshare
26 April, 2019

How Your TLC Leasing can Work for Via Rideshare

Discover how to work for Via rideshare with your vehicle or by taking advantage of TLC leasing

While many are familiar with using their own vehicle or a TLC car rental for Uber & Lyft, there is a new company called Via which is making inroads into the rideshare industry. Although the company is only in certain major cities today, such as New York, London, Chicago, and Washington D.C., you can use your vehicle, rent, or use TLC car leasing to join the company to make extra money.

How Via Works

Via is a rideshare company similar to Uber and Lyft, providing rides for passengers at flat rates similar to shuttle services. Via operates by having pick-up locations along designated routes. For example, if you have riders along the same route, say to the airport, then they will be instructed to walk a short distance to minimize detours while picking them up along the way. 
This system is similar to the Express Pool operated by Uber, but the earning rates for Via drivers is considerably higher. The more riders you pick up along the same route, the more you get paid. This is one of the differences between Via and the other two major competitors. Via is really a niche market inside the rideshare system that focuses on the following:

- Flat Rates
- Efficient Pick-Up System
- Low Commissions
- Live Support

Via also has looser restrictions on the types of vehicles that are allowable for their rideshare program. This means you can drive non-luxury vehicles that are no older than 2010 models. Luxury vehicles that are no older than 2005 models, and SUVs as well. They do prefer vehicles that are dark in color, such as dark blue, black, or grey and have leather interiors. Fabric seating however is fine as long as the model is no older than 2014.


Right now, Via is offering up to $2500 sign up earnings guarantee depending on where you work. Different cities have different earning levels, and some offer a $30 bonus when you complete your first ride. Other benefits include the following;
- 10% Commission: Via takes considerably less compared to Uber and Lyft 
- Flat Rate System: This means riders get better rates
- Great Live Support: By phone or text, get answers to your questions fast 
- More Models to Drive: Cars and SUVs are acceptable modes for transportation

Also, Via drivers earn more per ride, which can be quite advantageous for those who have less time to participate. It’s possible to earn over $1000 per week for full-time drivers under the Via system.

Via offers a strong alternative for those who believed they could only drive their vehicle or a TLC cars for rent. While still fairly new, Via provides a strong alternative in the rideshare economy that people looking to make extra money can take advantage. Whether driving your own vehicle, renting, or using TLC leasing, Via provides an alternative that may be right for certain people.