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Why Tipping Uber and TLC Car Drivers is a Good Idea
01 November, 2017

Why Tipping Uber and TLC Car Drivers is a Good Idea

How expenses of an Uber car can add up and without tipping, hurt the driver financially. Especially for TLC cars to rent which increase expenses

There is no doubt that Uber has swept the nation with thousands of people picking up passengers and earning money for each fare. Some even use TLC car rentals that are covered by insurance so that they can become Uber drivers. However, despite the promise of making a considerable amount of money, many Uber drivers are discovering that tips are an important part of their income.

Uber Expenses

Arguably the main reason for Uber’s success is the low rates for those seeking personal transportation from one location to another. Compared to traditional taxi services, Uber is far more economical and in many cases passengers are more comfortable, especially if they are riding in a TLC car for rent . However, it is the low rates which can put a lot of pressure on Uber drivers in terms of the money they make.

Wear & Tear: Owning a vehicle comes with its own expenses. Even if you own the car outright, you still must pay for oil and tire changes, brakes, and other parts of the vehicle that wear down over time. The more miles you put on your Uber car, the more you will have to pay to maintain it. Once your personal vehicle reaches 150,000 miles or so, you will probably have to think about buying a new one.

Gas & Toll Roads: Gas is the major daily expense for all drivers, but especially for those who are with Uber because they put so many extra miles on the road. When gas prices go up, that puts even more pressure on Uber drivers to earn a profit. Of course, tolls roads are another expense and depending on where your passengers want to go, they can only add to the drainage on profits.

Why Tipping is Important

Tipping Uber drivers even a couple of dollars for delivering you to your location on time helps keep them in business. Much like waitresses make a considerable portion of their income from tips, so too do those who drive an Uber car either part-time or full-time. When you consider that the low rates only go so far in covering the daily expenses of running a vehicle, tipping is a way of keeping good Uber drivers in service so you can use them again.

Even at $1 or $2 per tip, an Uber driver can make enough to pay for a meal or find some small comfort while proceeding to their next fare. However, good drivers usually make larger tips which in turn provides the motivation to stay in business.

While providing four and five-star ratings is good, keep in mind that Uber drivers, especially those who use TLC cars for rent , need cash if they are going to keep up their service. Otherwise, they will simply find some other way to make money which means one less excellent driver for you to call upon.