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Can Non-US Citizens with a Vehicle or TLC Leasing Drive for Uber?
08 April, 2019

Can Non-US Citizens with a Vehicle or TLC Leasing Drive for Uber?

Can a person who is not a US citizen drive their vehicle, rental, or TLC leasing for Uber?

It should be noted that Uber does not state directly whether non-citizens can drive for their company. Whether using their own vehicles or TLC cars for rent, it should be noted that those who have green cards are allowed to work for many different companies in the US. So, whether you own a vehicle or decide to use a TLC car rental program, finding out if you are qualified is vital to your employment with Uber.

Social Security Number

According to Uber, all you need is a valid social security number (SSN) to work for the company. The answer itself may seem simple enough, but it does not cover the wide variety of possibilities for non-citizens living in the US who want to drive for the company. After all, there are special circumstances when a non-citizen may have a social security number, but not have legal permission to drive for Uber.

If there are no restrictions on your ability to work in the United States, then the following allows you to drive for Uber:

- Green Card Holders: Permanent Residents
- Refugees & Political Asylum

This assumes you can get an SSN. If so, then you can drive for the company. However, if the status of your immigration or visa does not allow you to work or participate in a field outside one that is designated specifically to you and does not include driving, then you cannot work for Uber. Those who generally cannot drive for the company include the following:

- Undocumented: Those who have no SSN or legal status
- Non-Resident: H1B or H2B visa holders
- International Students: F1 visa, all work must be related to what you study

Other Restrictions

There are other factors to consider when applying to Uber. This is especially true for those relatively new to the country and have yet to establish a record in the US.

No ITIN: An individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) is no substitute for an SSN.

US Driver’s License: you must have a US driver’s license for at least one year before you can drive for Uber.

No AB-60 License: In California, an AB-60 license is not enough to drive for Uber. You must have an SSN and standard California driver’s license to drive.

If you do not have a social security number, you will need to find out if getting one violates your residency or visa. It is best to talk to an immigration lawyer first before trying to sign up for Uber. You do not want to violate any rules or regulations unknowingly which may put your residency at stake.

In the end, finding out if you can drive for Uber as a non-citizen means having your own vehicle or taking advantage of TLC cars for rent. It is recommended that you try TLC rentals to get the best vehicle possible for your Uber driving.