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TLC Rental Drivers Who Need Tips for Unruly Passengers
04 September, 2018

TLC Rental Drivers Who Need Tips for Unruly Passengers

For Uber or Lyft drivers with own vehicles or TLC cars for rent, here are tips on handling unruly riders in your vehicle

If you are working as an Uber or Lyft driving, handling your own vehicle or perhaps a TLC car rental, you probably know that eventually you will get passengers who are rude, loud, and may cause issues you don’t want to face.

What follows are a few tips that will help you deflate most situations with unruly riders who are not treating you with respect.

Underage Riders

You cannot under any circumstances knowingly pick up an unaccompanied underage rider. The good news is that you can cancel the ride quickly if they do not respond to showing you ID that proves their age. You will receive a cancellation fee in a short time. However, you may have to take a few extra steps with Uber to explain that the rider was a minor.

Late Arrivals

There are few things as annoying as waiting for your rider to arrive after they have called for your services. The good news is that you can cancel after five minutes for regular rides and two minutes for shared rides, minimizing the time you have to wait. You will get a compensation fee for your trouble. While Uber lets you cancel after five minutes, Lyft has you call the passenger first and if they do not answer, then you can proceed.

Basically, you should use your own judgment, but cancelling quickly when you already have a passenger is best.

Cancelling Trips

It’s one thing for the rider to change destinations as that is okay, but to cancel the trip in the middle is unacceptable. This can often happen if the rider is trying to scam you into taking them to a place without paying. Once the rider demands that the trip be cancelled, pull over where it is safe and let them our or offer a re-request. After the rider leaves, inform Uber or Lyft what has happened via email and everything should be fine.

Other Issues

You may find yourself facing unexpected issues, such as drunken or hysterical passengers. You will need to use your judgment and follow Uber or Lyft rules. In addition, here are some other tips.

- Remember, you are limited in the number of passengers you can take with the amount of seat belts available. 
- Passengers with babies or toddlers need to provide their own car seat or no ride. 
- If the passenger makes a mess, photograph it for evidence and request a cleaning fee

In the end, whether you are driving your own car or rent a TLC car for Uber & Lyft, knowing how to handle unruly passengers means having a leg-up on lowering stress and making a bad situation into something you can deal with. Remember that it does not always work out to your advantage, but for the protection of you, your car, or TLC rental car, it’s best to know what to do in these situations.