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Rent a TLC Car for Uber & Lyft and Drive at the Right Time
16 October, 2018

Rent a TLC Car for Uber & Lyft and Drive at the Right Time

How to rent TLC car for Uber and Lyft and drive at the best times to maximize income potential

For those who are considering using their own vehicles or perhaps TLC cars for rent, one of the biggest questions is when the best time is to drive. After all, with a 24/7 service, there will be times during the day and night that an Uber or Lyft driver can make more money. Being prepared means making the most out of the busy times to maximize your income.

Everything Depends on Your Location

Being active during rush hour means little if you are far away from business, downtown, or industrial districts. So, to ensure that you are ready for the “surge times” when extra fare prices can be charged, you will need to be in the prime locations for Uber or Lyft services. Remember, the riders will need to be in the prime locations and you need to be nearby if you are going to make extra money. You’ll know because the marker on your app will be a darker red color.

Identifying Surge Times

It’s easy to say typical rush hour traffic, but that is somewhat misleading. In most cities, the most in-demand times are Friday and Saturday evenings and nights from about 8pm to 3am. This is because people are going about town, visiting clubs and bars, and need a ride home. If you can put up with those who have had too much to drink, you can make money during these times.

While not nearly as popular, there are other surge times that include evenings during the week to and from the airport. Plus, you may be able to pick up more passengers during rush hour. Especially those that have a vehicle breakdown or are simply late to work.

Choose Your Times

Despite your determination, it’s just not possible to be working 24/7, whether you own your own vehicle or rent a TLC car for Uber & Lyft. So, you will need to decide which type of work is best for your needs.

Rush Hour: Here, you help people get to and from work, so you will need to be ready by 6am and prepared to work to 6pm or later. The good news is that you will have a big break in your shift during the lunch hour and your weekends are free. However, this does not make as much money compared to other times.

Airport: If you do not mind getting up early, then taking people to and from the airport can be quite profitable. The bad news is that you should be ready to go by 4am. The good news is that most people travel during the week, so you will have more flexibility when it comes to your evenings and weekends.

Party Crowd: You will arguably make the most money. However, you can kiss your weekends goodbye and expect to stay up to 3am on Fridays and Saturdays.

These are the best times for those who drive Uber or Lyft, so choose wisely.