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Vehicle Requirements for Your Uber Car Rental
01 March, 2018

Vehicle Requirements for Your Uber Car Rental

Types of vehicles that qualify for Uber service which include TLC ready cars and other appropriate vehicles

Uber has become one of the hottest companies in the past few years thanks to their flexible driving program. As an Uber driver, you set the hours that you can work and make enough for part-time or full-time salary if you so desire. Because of its flexibility, more people are considering becoming Uber drivers to supplement or replace their full-time income.

If you are considering driving for Uber, then you will need to own or rent a vehicle that meets their standards. While anyone who has an active driver’s license may qualify to be an Uber driver, you will need to have the appropriate vehicle, proper insurance and plates, and it must pass an Uber inspection before you can be approved.

Vehicles that Qualify

There are certain types of vehicles that qualify for Uber service , particularly those that are designed to carry four passengers or more. Here are the most notable qualifications that you will need to follow if you are considering purchasing or using a TLC cars for rent .

- 4-Door Sedan
- Year 2002 or More Recent
- Current Vehicle Registration
- In-State Plates and Car Insurance
- Pass Uber Inspection

The 4-door sedan you use must seat at least four or more passengers not including yourself as the driver. Also, you should check out the Uber requirements for New York City as they may change over time, especially for the year of the vehicle. The newer the vehicle, the less you must worry about it being qualified.

In addition, your vehicle must pass an Uber inspection which will ensure that it is suitable for passengers. This inspection will determine if your vehicle is suitable for passengers which covers the condition of the vehicle and the interior to ensure a comfortable ride. The good news if you are using a TLC car rental or lease is that the company can provide a vehicle that meets and exceeds the standards of the Uber inspection.

Vehicles that Do Not Qualify

There are certain types of vehicles that do not qualify for Uber service. This will help you in getting the right vehicle that meets the qualifications.

- No Full-Size Vans
- No Advertisements or Commercial Markings
- No Rebuilt or Salvaged Vehicles
- No Taxis or Similarly Marked Vehicles

Full-size vans would include makes and models such as the GMC Savana, the Ford Transit and E-Series to name a few. In addition, no vehicles that have a salvage title are acceptable for Uber service.

If you are considering becoming an Uber driver, you will need to be familiar with the types of vehicles that qualify. This will help you purchase or perhaps use a TLC car leasing for your needs. If you have any questions they should be directed at Uber before you make a purchase or rental agreement to avoid any unnecessary payment. Be sure to check out Friendly TLC Rentals & Leasing if you are looking for the right vehicle to start your Uber business.