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Is Driving for Uber and Lyft Safe for Female Drivers?
17 January, 2018

Is Driving for Uber and Lyft Safe for Female Drivers?

Is driving for Uber or Lyft safe for females who use their own vehicles or TLC car for rent? The steps that can help ensure safety when driving

For female drivers who have decided to use their own cars or rent a TLC car for Uber or Lyft, one of the most important questions is whether it is safe. While no profession can guarantee safety, it is true that Uber and Lyft drivers are exposed to the possibility of robbery, assault, or worse and female drivers are no exception.

The good news is that statistics show that such incidents are relatively rare which includes New York City. As someone who might have used Uber or Lyft as a passenger, all drivers have background checks performed and those with a history of arrests and convictions are not allowed to drive for either company. For female and male drivers, there are steps you can take to help improve your personal safety while driving your vehicle or using TLC car rentals .

Ratings for Rider

As drivers, you are subject to a rating system by the passengers you carry, but so too are the passengers rated as well. For Uber, if the rider does not have at least a four-star rating, that represents a big red flag and you can choose not to pick them up. You should heed any red flags and decline riders who have already demonstrated being a problem for Uber or Lyft drivers.

Plus, if you have issues with a passenger, be sure to include that as part of your ratings for them. Both positive or negative, you should always rate the passengers that you carry so that other drivers have the most information possible.

Avoid Late-Night Driving

One danger that exists late at night and especially on Friday or Saturday evenings is drunk drivers. You can minimize this danger by driving only during the daytime hours. This will also reduce the chances of being the victim of a crime. However, this will cut down considerably on your ability to make money by eliminating these hours of operation.

Minimize Breakdowns

Another way to protect yourself is keeping your vehicle or TLC ready car in top working condition. This means getting regular oil changes and maintenance so that little issues do not become big ones that leave you stranded. The advantage of renting or leasing a TLC car is that maintenance is usually part of the contract, so you can simply take it into their shop for what your vehicle needs.

If you do happen to break down, having the number of a towing or emergency road repair service is a must. Be sure to stay in your vehicle, especially in a less-than-desirable area of the city and protect your passenger as well.

For female drivers, there is no guarantee for total safety inside your vehicle or TLC car for rent . However, you can take positive steps that will greatly reduce the chances of being a victim. Always remember to keep alert, trust your instincts, have emergency numbers at your fingertips, and minimize breakdowns through proper maintenance.