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How to Improve Your Rating for Uber Car Rental?
17 April, 2018

How to Improve Your Rating for Uber Car Rental?

Tips and advice on how Uber drivers can keep their ratings up, especially when operating TLC rentals NYC

If you are driving for Uber in the Big Apple, you know that your driver rating needs to stay above 4.6 out of 5 or you might be let go from the company. Of course, this will depend on your experience level and how many bad reviews you receive, but overall if you have more than 50 to 75 rides and the ratings are lower than 4.6, you can expect to be let go from Uber. For those driving TLC rentals NYC, this can be a huge blow to your plans to be self-employed at a good company.

However, even if you do shoulder the expense and rent TLC cars NYC residents enjoy on their Uber trips, there are things you can do to keep your rating up. Here are a few tips that will help you get more high ratings and minimize the impact of lower ones.

Balance Your Driving Time: The most frequent times that passengers give low ratings is late at night and usually when they’ve had too much to drink. So, try to add more daytime driving to your schedule to build up higher ratings. That way, you can absorb the occasional hit from a drunk passenger who thinks its funny to give you a low rating for no reason.

Clean Car: The cleaner you keep your vehicle, the better first impression you will make. Be sure to clean the windows as well which is often the first thing a passenger sees. Pick up any trash inside after each ride and carry a small, portable vacuum just in case you need to clean up the seat.

Keep Talk to a Minimum: Remember, your primary job is to get your passenger to their destination, you are not an entertainment service. Most passengers do not want to talk and more importantly, do not want to hear about your life story. You can start by asking how their day is going and respond based on their answer. Otherwise, keep the talk to a minimum.

Take the Shortest Route: Here, you should use your GPS to ensure to you and your passenger that you are taking the shortest route to their destination. If they prefer another route or if there is a traffic backup, then you can change over. Otherwise, stick to the GPS.

Mount Your Smartphone: One big hit that passengers often give drivers is when they handle their phone to text or talk when driving. Instead, mount the phone on the dashboard and keep the interaction to a minimum.

Another tip is to carry a charging cable for smartphones your passengers carry. This is far better than mints or water because quite often smartphones will need a boost in power. Add to that the clean TLC rentals NYC residents enjoy sitting in while going to their destination and you will have an edge in keeping your ratings high.