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How Using a TLC Ready Car Helps You Become a Part Time Rideshare Driver
09 May, 2018

How Using a TLC Ready Car Helps You Become a Part Time Rideshare Driver

How you can enjoy a part time career as a rideshare driver using a TLC rental as your vehicle of choice

There are many people living in New York City looking for a second job or income stream to help balance out their finances. Given the heavy traffic and great demand for taxis, Uber, and Lyft services, it’s little wonder that many go with TLC car rental and become part time rideshare drivers. While there is a monthly expense, the advantages of using TLC ready cars provides an edge to those who want to make the most out of their rideshare efforts.

Here are a few tips for those who are considering becoming a part time rideshare driver and may want to rent TLC cars NYC residents enjoy riding around in on their trip.

New, Clean Vehicle

The first thing that people who use rideshare services notice about the car is how clean it is, starting with the windows. A clean vehicle automatically gives a positive first impression which helps secure the high rating you will need to maintain. It also provides a little benefit of the doubt in case something does not go right, such as a traffic jam or other incident that is beyond your control.


Another tip that will help you is getting a GPS, so you can find the shortest, quickest route to where your passenger needs to go. Even if you know NYC like the back of your hand, the GPS will provide you with the right information that your passenger will take notice of as well. Plus, by getting to your destination faster, you spend less time on the road which helps with your tight schedule.

Plan Your Time

If you are making ride share a part time endeavor, then you better plan your time wisely. This means having enough time to transition from your first job to ride sharing and choosing the days that work best for you. Many part time rideshare drivers will drive on weekends and their day off, leaving plenty of time for sleep and getting ready for their main line of work. By having a cushion, you can be prepared for emergencies or working overtime.

Be Cordial

While movies and television shows depict taxi and rideshare drivers as talkative know-it-alls, your best bet is to keep the conversation to the minimum. In other words, greet your passenger with a friendly line and if you get one-word responses, leave them alone. Let your passenger do the talking and you respond, this is the way to get higher ratings.

It helps that your TLC rental offers passengers a comfortable ride that they will appreciate. So, by using the TLC ready cars that are made for ridesharing, you are boosting your chances of getting high ratings which in turn provide you with more work. You may find that your second career becomes your first if you can maintain your ratings and enjoy the experience of helping people get to their destination.