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What Happens When Uber and Lyft Reject Your Application?
24 June, 2019

What Happens When Uber and Lyft Reject Your Application?

For drivers who have their own vehicles or TLC leasing, what to do if Uber or Lyft rejects your application

Given how easy it is to apply to Uber and Lyft, it seems somewhat puzzling that finding out if you have been accepted or rejected is often difficult. Weeks may pass before you get an answer. If you plan on using your own vehicle, rent, or use TLC car leasing, finding out weeks later you've been rejected can be disheartening. That's why before you make any commitments, especially in terms of TLC car rental, you'll want to know if you have been hired.

Getting Rejected

It's bad enough that your application may be stuck in limbo for weeks on end. It's even worse when you get rejected and no reason is given. The first step is to look over your application for any mistakes. Next is whether you missed any basic qualifications, such as not yet being 21 years old. However, you will have to wait from three to six months before you can reapply.

But if you have not heard from either company, you can send out an email to see if you were accepted or rejected. Another way is to access the Lyft or Uber app and see if you can log in and turn on the driver mode. If so, then you were accepted. If not, your application may be on hold or rejected outright. Typically, you should wait about 10 days before contacting the company about your application.

Reasons for Rejection

There are several reasons why your application may have been rejected. Some of them are quickly correctable while others may not.

Driving Record: Even a single minor driving violation can get you rejected by either company. That includes violations such as driving without insurance or driving while your license is suspended.

Pending Issues, Arrests, Convictions on Your Background Check: Even if the charge falls outside the state guidelines in terms of timing, you can still be rejected for a conviction in your past. That also includes current issues you are facing and arrests that have been made.

Basically, any issue with your criminal record or driving record over the past decade may get you rejected by Uber or Lyft. It is up to them to decide whether to accept you or not based on the records provided. Keep in mind that many people have been rejected by one company only to be accepted by the other.

In the end, getting hired by Uber or Lyft may take multiple applications. But the rewards will be worth the effort and the TLC leasing if you decide to use a vehicle other than your own. Keep in mind the benefits of TLC car leasing in your Uber or Lyft career when you get hired.