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TLC Car Rental to Improve Uber Pings and Lyft Requests
17 September, 2018

TLC Car Rental to Improve Uber Pings and Lyft Requests

How using TLC cars for rent can assist in boosting Uber pings or Lyft requests, along with other driver tips

Maximizing your profits as an Uber or Lyft driver starts by having the right vehicle for your needs. This is why rent a TLC car for Uber or Lyft offers advantages that you can enjoy immediately to impress potential customers. However, it’s not just the TLC cars for rent that provide a boost in Uber pings or Lyft requests, there are other methods you can use to your advantage.

Know Where Potential Passengers Can Be Found

Arguably the most important tip is to know where potential riders are most likely to be and in need of your services. During the off-peak hours, you can increase your chances of getting riders by being near the following areas:
- Clusters of Hotels, Convention Areas, and Jail 
- Universities, Colleges, and Trade Schools
- Bus Stations, Train Stations, and Medical Facilities
- So-Called “Bad” Areas of the City and the Suburbs

Knowing when working areas are letting out their shifts, when most people leave higher education or trade schools, and when people are most likely to be released from jail provides you with an edge in terms of picking up potential passengers.

A cluster of hotels, especially those that are near airports offer an excellent opportunity to pick up travelers on their way out of town.

You will need to do some research and be aware of local conventions and gatherings to maximize your chances of landing a rider. Plus, the worst areas of town usually consist of a few blocks to avoid while the rest is relatively safe. Even the suburbs offer opportunities if you are the only one in the area.

Finally, you can increase your chances even more by selecting areas of the city that offer two or more locations that provide potential passengers. For example, a cluster of hotels near a convention hall or large plant provides a great opportunity to get more pings or requests.

Be Alert

Now that you know where to be, the next step is scheduling your time to maximize the potential for getting more riders. You’ll need to be alert by following the events in your town, such as when conventions, concerts, and other big events occur.

However, you should also research on which locations will have large numbers of people leaving work who take public transportation. Checking out the bus and train stops provides a good idea of when they are around, so that those who want a faster ride will have you available. Of course, you will be limited by your own schedule, but by staying alert and taking advantage of certain situations, you should pick up more riders. 
In the end, the right TLC rental along with utilizing proper driver tips can increase your Uber pings or Lyft requests. Still, even with the best TLC cars for rent, you will need to do a little research and some work on your schedule to maximize profitability.