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How to Earn Up to $6000 Per Month Leasing a TLC car for Uber or Lyft
10 October, 2017

How to Earn Up to $6000 Per Month Leasing a TLC car for Uber or Lyft

Tips on maximizing earnings from second income by driving for Uber or Lyft with your car or when you rent TLC car from Friendly TLC Rentals & Leasing

Every day, millions of people are looking for ways to make extra money while still holding a full-time job or look for a new career that offers more opportunities than their current employment. The rise of Uber and Lyft rideshare services has managed to take the country by storm, providing many thousands of drivers with a way to earn extra money by picking up and taking people to nearby locations just like a taxi service, only for less money and greater convenience.

For many who are considering a career as a rideshare driver, the concerns start with the vehicle to qualify and how to earn enough money to make it worthwhile. The good news is that you can rent TLC car for Lyft or Uber complete with the proper insurance for coverage. The next challenge is earning enough money to make this a full-time profession if that’s what you desire.

Five Ways to Earn $1,500 per Week or More

Whether you rent TLC car or use your own vehicle, there are five ways you can earn enough money to truly supplement your income or make this your full-time job.

Work Peak Hours: Your customer base will mostly be those who live in your community. While you will have plenty of tourists and visitors, the bulk of your fares will come from those who live close to your location. So, it is important that you cater your services to the local population and be available for morning and evening rush hour services.

Increase Efficiency: The more passengers you can pick up, the more fares you can earn. This means finding the best routes to their destination so you can avoid heavy traffic and spend less time on each trip. You should stay within the law and drive carefully, but making each trip more efficient pays dividends.

Clean, Comfortable Vehicle: You’d be surprised what an impression driving a clean, comfortable car does to enhance your reputation. Passengers pay attention to the vehicle you are driving which helps to gain a positive impression of the experience. All that translates into getting more tips, so keep your vehicle clean and tidy.

Pay Attention to Events: Many Uber and Lyft drivers work near areas that host concerts, sporting events, conventions, trade shows, and the like so they can earn even more money. This is a great way to pick up some extra fares on the weekend when plenty of visitors are in town.

Earn Tips: With Uber, tipping is done in cash while Lyft allows for tips to be added directly to your pay. To get tipped, you need to be on-time, friendly, and courteous to your passengers. You do not have to do a song and dance, but if you are friendly, informative, and respectful you may earn tips that only add to your income.

Whether you rent a car for Uber or Lyft or drive your own, it is possible to earn up to $6000 per month if you are dedicated to making rideshare work for you. This means that you rent TLC car or use your own that is clean, comfortable, and gets your passengers to their destination on time.