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Will Rent TLC Car for Uber become Obsolete?
04 December, 2017

Will Rent TLC Car for Uber become Obsolete?

Will TLC rentals for Uber become obsolete as self-driving cars become the norm? The answer may be further away than you might think

It’s in the news frequently that self-driving or driverless cars are getting closer to reality. Furthermore, the first places the public will encounter a self-driving vehicle will probably be taxi, Lyft, or Uber services which means that your Uber car rental NYC may be in peril. However, just because the technology is around the corner does not means that your Uber career is over. If anything, you may have far more life in your TLC car leasing than you might think.

Advent of Driverless Vehicles

Car manufacturers have been working on driverless vehicles for decades, but only recently has the technology become available to make that into a reality. A driverless car is basically a standard vehicle with a computer program designed to control the car or truck as it drives from one location to the next. GPS guides the vehicle to its destination while sensors keep the vehicle safe from collisions.

The testing of driverless vehicles is now in the early stages with some cars making it from one location to another without the assistance of a driver. Uber has proclaimed that driverless vehicles will be part of their services soon when the technology becomes practical and safe.

Why Uber Drivers Will Still Be Needed

Although there have been several advances in driverless technology, those who drive for Uber have no reason to panic about their jobs now for good reasons.

Years, if Not a Decade or More Away: Although the advances in driverless technology has been quite astounding over the past few years, it will still take several years, if not decades for the technology to be perfected and practical. Especially for urban driving which is far more complicated compared to being on the highway. The sheer number of variables combined with the number of vehicles present means that driverless technology is a still a long way off.

No Cars with Drivers: Statistically, driverless vehicles that work perfectly are far safer than current vehicles because it eliminated driver error. However, this assumes that all vehicles have no drivers which is still a few decades away.

People Trust Drivers: While driverless technology may still be a decade away, it will take even longer for most people to become use to a car that has no driver. While at some point the roads will be filled with driverless vehicles, that is still quite some time away. It will take a long time for many people to get into a car that has no driver, so your profession will be safe for quite a while.

Your TLC car rental NYC is still going strong, thanks in large part to the fact that driverless vehicles are still years away from becoming practical. So, if you have an Uber car lease Brooklyn, Manhattan, or other New York borough, you should not be alarmed for your career as an Uber driver for at least the next few years.