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Driving TLC Car and Relating to Your Passengers
03 October, 2018

Driving TLC Car and Relating to Your Passengers

Uber or Lyft drivers in TLC car rental or own vehicles should know when and when not to talk to their passengers

Whether you rent a TLC car for your Uber or Lyft business, one of the most important things to learn in maintaining a good rating is knowing when to talk and relate to your passengers. As any taxi cab driver will tell you, the ability to sense when is the right time to talk and when to keep silent makes all the difference in the ride. So, whether you use your own vehicle or have a TLC car rental, it is you and not the car that makes the biggest difference.

Of course, keeping your car clean, knowing how to get around the city, and avoiding traffic tickets is also essential. However, learning how to relate to people from all walks of life can be the most difficult of all if you don’t know what to do. Here are a few tips that will help you better relate to your passengers.

Listen to your Instincts

This means when you greet your passenger and give them a friendly hello, you’ll know pretty much from there how the ride is going to be. Listen to their reaction and judge whether they will be open to conversation or if they are more content to surf the web on their smartphone. Keep in mind that having a quiet passenger can be a good thing. Use your instincts to know whether interrupting them is a good idea and quite often it’s better to take your cues from them.

Be Compassionate

When you get a quiet passenger, then things are easy because you just remain quiet as well. But you may be surprised how many passengers are eager to talk. You will hear all types of stories from families reuniting to landing the big deal to escaping from an oppressive country and so on. It may be somewhat bewildering at first, but pretty soon you’ll be able to show compassion and tune into the stories that you hear.

Sure, some of them may be made up, but why should you care? Being compassionate to your riders whether they are telling the truth or spinning a big fib means more business for you.

Know When to Redirect

If a passenger talks about subjects that you find uncomfortable, try redirecting the conversation to something else. Be kind in your efforts but remember that there are easy ways to change the conversation. One way is to reconfirm where they are going and asking if they have been there before. However, if the passenger insists on continuing, offer a polite suggestion that you feel uncomfortable. That can often work without hurting their feelings.

Whether you have a TLC rentals or use your own vehicle, knowing how to relate to your passengers is an essential part of your Uber or Lyft driving. The better you are, the higher your ratings will be, the more you will be called upon by riders. This means when you rent a TLC car or use your own car, be sure to work on your people skills to make the most out of the experience.