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Different Ways to Contact Uber or Lyft for Drivers with TLC Cars for Rent
27 November, 2018

Different Ways to Contact Uber or Lyft for Drivers with TLC Cars for Rent

Whether the Uber or Lyft driver is using personal vehicle or TLC rentals, how to get in touch with Uber or Lyft quickly

Since Uber came out in 2011 with Lyft following shortly afterwards, both companies have suffered from time to time with inadequate customer service. This is hardly uncommon with any new company, especially those that are starting up a new market. As both companies continue to improve, they have made contacting them easier to provide better customer service.

Help Portal

This is the first place you go if you are an Uber driver looking to have questions answered. The Help Portal lets both drivers and passengers ask basic questions, get tips, payments, and the like. The Help Portal for Lyft is similar in nature, although structured a little differently.

Uber App

This is one that you should be familiar with but is often overlooked. The app itself can answer many of your questions right away. So, try the app first before delving any deeper into the system.

Social Media Sites

Both Uber and Lyft have social media accounts, such as Facebook, that is quite helpful if you need general questions answered. That’s because the sites may have fellow Uber or Lyft members that know the answer, so you can find out relatively quickly.

Partner Websites

These are website that offer general information about Uber or Lyft for your area. This may be the best way to have questions answered that are deal with your location. You can find them using Google and typing the query “local Uber partner site” or “local Lyft partner site”. Adding the city would be helpful as well.

Talk to a Person

If you need to contact a human being that is with Uber or Lyft, you’ll need to start with the messaging system which replaced their respective emails. Keep in mind that there is no phone support from either Uber or Lyft at this time. However, Uber does have local offices in many of the larger cities, so you might be able to find the address through Google and visit them personally.

For Non-Emergencies that Need Swift Action

If a passenger leaves something important behind in your vehicle, Uber has a number for you to call, 1-800-353-UBER. For Lyft, 1-855-865-9553. This line is not normally used, but only for situations that are not emergencies, but do require swift action on their part.

For Life-Threatening Emergencies, use 911

Both Uber and Lyft stress for drivers that are involved in accidents or situations that require swift attention from the police, fire department, or an ambulance that they call 911 immediately. 911 is there to keep you safe when things go wrong of this nature.

Whether driving your own vehicle or using TLC car for rent, being able to contact Uber or Lyft when needed is a vital part of your service. Plus, you can take care of your vehicle or TLC car rental using other means when necessary.