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Avoid Getting Tickets While Renting a TLC Car For Uber & Lyft
23 August, 2018

Avoid Getting Tickets While Renting a TLC Car For Uber & Lyft

Tips on how your Uber ready car can provide the best service while avoiding getting tickets for traffic violations

If you are driving your own vehicle or a TLC rental car for Uber or Lyft, then you may have earned a ticket for traffic violations. You may have speed in the wrong place, been seen by a camera which delivers a ticket to your door, or even have gotten tickets for waiting in bus zones and the like. So, for those who rent a TLC car for Uber & Lyft or drive their own, getting a ticket is not uncommon.

Tickets are not only a nuisance, they can be expensive as well. While the obvious solution to avoiding tickets is to never break the law in the first place, the temptation to drive fast will be there for drivers wanting to get there first. The good news is that there is a safe, legal solution that will speed up your drive time.

Waze App

The Waze app can be downloaded to your vehicle's or TLC car rental navigation or the Uber navigation. The app will accept the address that you put in and show you the best way to get there. It will also show you multiple ways to reach the destination which can be crucial to getting to your passenger on time. The distances and estimated time is displayed as well.

The main advantage of the Waze app is that it can direct you away from potential traffic jams that otherwise would slow you down. While it lacks the lane assistance feature found in Google Maps, it does have an attribute that makes it unique.

Crowdsource Information

Basically, the app tells you an amazing amount of information that goes well beyond the roads themselves.

· Road Conditions, Traffic Jams, and Construction Areas

· Speed Traps, Locations of Police Vehicles, and Red-Light Cameras

This means you know when red lights are coming, which areas suffer from road construction and traffic jams, and which place are most likely to have speed traps and police vehicles waiting for you to come by. There is even a feature showing you the cheapest gas stations, so you can save money.

With all the information the Waze app provides, you can maximize your ability to get to the destination on time. Plus, you can avoid potential hang-ups that slow you down while still driving safe.

Keep in mind that your vehicle should be one that riders can trust to get them to their destination in one piece. Safety first may slow you down a bit, have you park further away, or stop at intersections when you want to go through. However, for the safety of you, your passengers, and vehicle or TLC rental , it is best to be on the right side of the law.